Law Offices Of Andrew S. Guisbond

Andrew S GuisbondAt the Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond, we are devoted to helping our clients successfully navigate family law matters with the least amount of stress possible. We advise and assist our clients in the selection of mediators and other experts to help resolve their cases.

Experienced Network

We work with specialized CPAs and business appraisers to help value personal property, real estate and businesses. Our vast network of professionals includes appraisers who handle art, coin and gun collections as well as jewelry and antiques. No matter what items are included in your marital estate, our firm will be able to assist you with regard to valuation, settlement and trial, if necessary.

In addition to valuation and accounting experts, our law firm works with tax experts who can help you better understand and navigate the tax issues associated with your divorce. These services can be especially useful to same-sex divorce clients who may benefit from special consideration of tax and income distribution issues. We also work with expert witnesses, therapists and guardians ad litem to obtain a beneficial resolution to your child custody and visitation matters.

Efficient And Experienced Representation

When you contact one of our family court attorneys, you will find that our approach is thorough and extremely well-prepared. We encourage our clients to contact our firm so we can help them to secure any experts that may be necessary to assist with mediation, negotiation or litigation. As a small firm, we are able to focus our efforts on the details of your case, giving you exemplary results at competitive rates.

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We encourage those with family law issues living in and near Charlestown, Massachusetts or Middlesex County to contact our law firm to discuss their case. Our lawyers are eager to assist clients in any way we can, and we offer a personal touch to our legal advice. We regularly travel to meet clients near where they live or work, and clients need not travel to Charlestown to consult with us. Email us to learn more, or call our office at 617-380-7643.