Moving With A Child Following Divorce May Be Complicated, But Not Impossible

When a parent wants to move to a different state or country with his or her child — whether for a job, a relationship or another reason — the child's other parent may object, and the help of a skilled lawyer may be needed. The act of moving is referred to in Massachusetts as removal; in New Hampshire, it is called relocation.

Relocation or removal can be complicated, involving custody investigations, trials and even expert testimony with regard to whether a move is in a child's best interest. Our Charlestown-based firm has handled many high-conflict custody cases, and can help you come to the best possible conclusion in your case, too.

People seek to move for all sorts of reasons: a job offer, a better quality of life, or to be closer to family, for example. But when you share children with another person, even the most innocent reason for a move can quickly become a morasse of complications. You may need to renegotiate existing custody agreements, petition for a modification of child support, arrange for a new visitation plan, and determine whether the move is in the best interest of the children, if the person who wishes to move is the custodial parent. In addition, the party who is not moving may object to the reasons for the move, which can further complicate matters.

At the Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond, we have extensive experience handling complex family law cases in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including child custody cases that involve removal and relocation. We represent parents who want to relocate with a child, as well as parents who want to prevent their child's other parent from moving with the child.

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