Spousal Support Laws Are In Constant Flux

We Will Protect Your Interests Regarding Payment Or Receipt Of Alimony

The Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts consider a number of factors when determining whether and how much alimony should be paid by one party to the other as part of a divorce settlement. In a number of cases, the law may provide for no payment, modification, or termination of alimony.

The Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond works with clients in and around Charlestown and Middlesex County who have a wide variety of alimony cases, including clients who are requesting alimony payments and clients are seeking to modify or terminate alimony obligations.

Numerous Factors Must Be Considered When Setting Alimony

The law in Massachusetts has recently undergone major changes affecting both the duration and amount of alimony one may be obligated to pay or have the right to receive when spouses decide to part ways. Generally, longer marriages are treated differently than shorter marriages. Factors to be considered by the court may include contributions by a spouse as a homemaker, any expected inheritances, and whether a spouse is arguably voluntary unemployed or underemployed.

When advising our clients regarding alimony matters, we will also provide careful consideration of and advice regarding how taxes may by affected by alimony payments and divorce. The Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond works closely with clients to provide the full range of advice regarding the complex issues related to alimony.

Get The Information You Need

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