Division Of Assets Helps Set Your Financial Foundation For The Future

We Will Protect Your Interests And Put You On Solid Footing

Everyone involved in a divorce has something at stake, whether that means family, children, property or all of the above. When it comes to assets like real property and business interests, some people have more to lose than others.

If you are concerned about how the division of assets will be handled in your divorce, talk to an attorney who can advise and represent you as you seek to protect what you value. Whether you have accumulated wealth through success in business, excellence in your profession or the nurturing of family assets - or by sacrificing years of your life for your children while your spouse did one or more of those things - our firm welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

We Understand The Complexities Of Extensive Assets

At the Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond, serving Charlestown and Middlesex County, we have extensive experience handling marital dissolutions that involve the division of significant and sometimes complex assets. After more than 30 years of dealing with challenging family law cases, we understand how to address:

  • The division of real property, which generally refers to land and things on top of land
  • The proper valuation of a primary residence, vacation property, investment property or commercial property
  • Business valuation
  • Alimony and child support in the context of asset valuation

Our clients appreciate the fact that we walk through each step of the asset investigation and division process, identifying potential pitfalls, and providing tax planning and other advice. They also appreciate the high level of attentive personal service our lawyers provide.

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