Senior Divorce Often Presents Complex Financial Issues

We Can Help You Navigate The Division Of Retirement Savings And Other Assets

The concerns of individuals age 50 or older who are getting divorced are often quite different than those of younger couples seeking divorce. At the Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond, we recognize the unique issues faced by older individuals getting divorced and take the time to explain these matters to our clients.

Secure Your Future

In many of these cases, the individuals involved have spent decades preparing for retirement by investing for themselves and their family. Our firm is here to help you secure the best financial future possible. We work with financial advisers, certified public accountants and retirement planning professionals to assess your assets and determine the best course of action as your marriage comes to an end. Your lawyer will discuss your properties and goals, including:

  • Homestead property
  • Rental, vacation and alternative properties
  • Previous and existing income or investments
  • Businesses and professional practices or partnerships
  • Retirement accounts, pensions and Social Security benefits

We often work as a team, which allows us to focus on every area of your case in the most efficient way possible. We will review and consider recent changes in the law, stipulations regarding distribution of assets and requirements regarding spousal support.

With alimony law changing in Massachusetts as a result of the Alimony Reform Act, you may be entitled to more reasonable alimony payments than in previous years. The new law takes into consideration a number of factors, including the length of your marriage, your retirement and cohabitation. Call our office at 617-380-7643 to discuss your options.

Rely On Our Experience In 'Gray Divorce'

We have helped clients who live and work across New England, including those who live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and work in Charlestown and Middlesex County. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience with complex litigation, and because of this, we are productive, skilled and respected negotiators. Depending upon your ultimate goals, we will put together an initial plan of action, but based on our experience handling divorce for older couples, this plan may need to be flexible and respond to developments as the case progresses.

Learn More About Your Options

Divorces do not always have to be costly. Our firm is committed to affordable, efficient and effective representation which is why we offer exceptional legal advice at rates that far exceed the value of larger firms. We will neither force you into an agreement that you do not want nor push for a trial if it is not necessary. You can be confident that our ultimate goal is to secure a beneficial result for your case. Discuss your situation with us by scheduling a free consultation in our Charlestown office or in Middlesex County near where you live or work.