Understanding Limited Assistance Representation

Legal fees are often a concern in divorce. Whether you are initiating divorce proceedings, somewhere in the middle of the process or reaching its conclusion, our limited assistance representation (LAR) services may be the right fit for you. LAR gives you the option of retaining an attorney on an as-needed basis.

You may wish to hire an attorney for a crucial event, like a motion hearing or pretrial conference, to attend a settlement meeting, to review documents or if you are simply interested in a consultation and getting some legal advice.

At the Law Offices of Andrew S. Guisbond, we offer LAR qualified attorneys who are experienced in providing limited assistance representation services. We can help you with the aspects of your case that you feel require assistance, leaving you to handle the matters you are comfortable with.

LAR is a great way to get the help of an experienced attorney without having to come up with a large retainer or committing to long-term legal services.

If you are interested in LAR services, contact our office today. We are available to meet with you to go over in detail the tasks you would like our attorneys to take on and discuss those you want to tackle on your own.

If for any reason you are unable to resolve subsequent matters following completion of the agreed LAR services, you have the option of entering into a new LAR agreement with us to perform additional tasks, again without making a more significant commitment. If you find that you would like us to represent you on your full case, we are available to discuss that option as well.