How do TBIs manifest?

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Traumatic brain injuries – or TBIs – manifest for individuals in numerous different ways. The way they take form can depend on several factors, including but not limited to a person’s age or physical well-being at the time of the incident.

It can help to understand the way different levels of TBI tend to manifest, though. This way, the victim can get quick and accurate treatment.

Mild to moderate TBIs

The CDC discusses the difference between different TBIs and how they manifest. TBIs tend to have similar manifestations in different people based on whether they are mild, moderate or severe.

Mild TBIs have the lightest and quickest symptoms, with some victims not even knowing that they have a head injury. It may manifest in headaches or trouble sleeping, and will often come and go in a matter of hours or days.

Moderate TBIs have more notable impacts, with victims often suffering from very painful headaches that worsen or do not lessen over time. They may experience a brief loss of consciousness and trouble with minor or fine motor skills. They may also have mild memory loss or personality disruptions, such as an increase in agitation.

Severe TBIs

Severe TBIs have the most noticeable red flags by far. Victims may fall entirely unconscious or even into comas. The head pain often feels excruciating and worsens rapidly. Some may have seizures and others may lose their ability to move certain body parts or speak clearly.

Whatever the case, only a doctor can give a diagnosis and provide the most accurate treatment for a TBI. This is why fast detection is crucial.