Custody disputes in the digital age

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

The internet can provide valuable information, which can be especially useful for someone who is dealing with uncertainty over child custody or another stressful family law topic. On the other hand, online activity can also be problematic in this regard and may get in the way of one’s ability to secure the outcome they want in terms of their custody or visitation rights. Moreover, someone may be concerned with their former partner’s online activity, especially when it comes to their time with the child.

The internet can be used to improve one’s chances of a favorable outcome with respect to a custody dispute in various ways. Aside from accessing helpful information, such as reviewing the factors that courts consider when awarding custody, it may also offer a window into another parent’s private life. If the other parent of one’s child is sharing concerning content, such as posts which show that they may not be fit to raise a child, this may need to be brought to the attention of the court.

At the same time, parents should carefully watch what they post online during a custody dispute. Sometimes, it is smart to avoid posting anything altogether. This can be very tough for some people, especially since negative emotions as a result of a custody battle are not uncommon and some people may try to combat their negative feelings by spending time with their friends (which could involve going to bars, etc.). As a parent, it is very important to be aware of any factor which could play a role in how custody is awarded and we cover more on this topic on our site.