Do your kids need help adjusting to divorce?

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While you and your current spouse have reached an understanding regarding your divorce, the two of you may have a hard time explaining your divorce to your kids. You want to say the right thing the right way, but have no idea of where to start. 

KidsHealth offers tips that you may find useful. Understand how to help your kids through this transition with understanding. 

Start with yourself  

You must prepare yourself before sharing the news of your divorce with your children. Specifically, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse should not argue in front of your kids before or after telling them about your split. During the legal proceedings, try not to interrupt your kids’ normal routine, as having structure can be a big help in their mental health. 

Stick to the truth  

Rehearse what you want to say to your kids with your spouse, and be sure you both break the news together. When deciding what to say, keep your kids’ ages and personalities in mind. Let your children know that none of this is their fault, that married couples change and sometimes drift apart over time. Tell your kids the truth, but know that you do not have to provide all the details. Let your kids know the changes they can expect in their lives, and give them the chance to ask questions. 

Prepare for reactions 

Your children may cry or become angry after you break the news. On the other hand, they may not react at all. No matter how your kids respond, let them know their feelings are valid and that you are there to help, that you and the other parent will always be there to help. 

It is okay if you need help explaining your divorce to your kids. For more insights, consult with a legal professional experienced with working alongside divorcing parents.