Determining the need for a prenup

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Dating couples considering making the transition to getting married know that event will stimulate a wide array of changes in their lives, including financially. The comingling of assets that commonly accompanies a marriage opens the door to potential challenges if or when the couple eventually gets divorced. 

A prenuptial agreement may offer some assurances to both parties regarding their future financial stability. 

Ideal prenup candidates 

In the past, the mere mention of a prenuptial agreement conjured up images of persons with great wealth or fame. Today, however, a prenup may benefit virtually any couple regardless of their premarital financial situation. 

CNBC explains that one scenario in which a prenup may offer great benefit includes a disparity in income or assets between the two partners. The marital contract may prevent instances where the person with more wealth alleges the other partner of gold digging, essentially. 

Remarriages and prenups 

According to Forbes, a remarrying couple may also benefit greatly by creating a prenuptial agreement. For spouses with children from prior marriages or relationships, a marital contract allows them to protect certain assets for their children regardless of what happens with their new marriage. At the same time, the prenup may allow each spouse to identify what assets they will share with their new partner. 

Protections for business owners 

Whether a person owns an established business or starts one near the time they get married, a prenup may allow them to keep the business separate from the marriage from a financial perspective. Too many family businesses struggle when a couple gets a divorce and a clearly outlined prenuptial agreement may prevent this from happening.