Arrest warrant issued after mother allegedly abducts boy

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It may go without saying that the most emotionally charged (and potentially contentious) portions of many divorce proceedings in Boston are those related to child custody. Perhaps no issue in such a case highlights the negative feelings former spouses may feel towards each than determining which of them may be best suited to retain custody of their children. 

Few may find it surprising that parents would want to fight for their own interests when it comes to their access to their kids. What becomes alarming, however, is when that fight escalates into potentially unlawful action. 

Authorities search for mother of missing child

Such is what law enforcement authorities in Oklahoma must deal with in the case of a local missing child. The local ABC affiliate broke the news that officials have an arrest warrant out for the boy’s mother for apparently abducting him. She and the boy failed to show up when scheduled to return him to his father following her designated visitation time. A local family court subsequently granted full custody to the boy’s father once authorities find him. 

Avoiding the consequences of an abduction

In cases such as these, a reasonable fear exists that a parent (either out of fear of losing access to a child or spite towards their ex-spouse) might take even more rash actions that could lead to violence. Yet even when that does not occur, one accused of abducting a child involved in a custody dispute certainly damages their chances at securing a favorable outcome to their case (as the ruling issued in the aforementioned story demonstrates). Thus, while difficult, one must strive to think and act rationally even when custody matters become heated, Having reliable legal assistance to rely on during such a struggle may help ensure this happens.