Obtaining a foreign divorce decree

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If your spouse recently brought your marriage to an end and the divorce took place outside of the U.S., you likely have additional factors to take into consideration. When it comes to the end of marriage, divorce is often especially complicated when marital partners reside in other countries. For example, some people are unsure whether they can secure a copy of the divorce decree. 

However, there are steps you can take to make sure that your interests are protected and that you are able to move forward in life. 

Reviewing how to obtain a divorce decree from overseas

If your ex ended the marriage in another country, there are various issues to keep in mind if you need to obtain a copy of the divorce decree. According to USA.gov, you can reach out to the country’s consulate or embassy and ask for assistance with respect to obtaining a copy of the divorce decree. Moreover, if your ex obtained a divorce in a country that participates in the Hague Convention on the Authentication of Documents, you can take the divorce decree to a U.S. consulate or embassy to certify it. 

Reviewing the impact of a foreign divorce

Divorces that take place in other countries can give rise to additional concerns, from financial matters such as alimony and property division to child custody. Sometimes, those whose spouse splits up in another country have difficulty contacting their ex or working through various family law topics. It is crucial to make sure that your rights are not violated and that you have a clear understanding of the options that are on the table, especially if you need to take additional measures to stand up for yourself (such as pursuing child support you deserve).