How do you make the most of living with your spouse during divorce?

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While you and your current spouse have a high net worth, the two of you still want to live in the same house while divorcing, perhaps for the sake of your shared children. How do you not drive each other up the wall during this time?

National Family Solutions offers tips for living under the same roof as your current partner while navigating divorce. Learn how to make the most of your current situation.

Discuss what to tell your children

You and your soon-to-be-ex should decide what to tell your children about your current living situation, especially if you and your current spouse no longer share a bedroom. What you tell them depends on their maturity levels and ages. It is a good idea for you and the other parent to show a united front and agree on how you want to frame the news. Conflicting stories may confuse your children.

Set new house rules

No matter if you and your current partner remain in your marital home together because of your children, consider creating new house rules. For instance, do you want to designate specific spaces in the house for each other or set specific hours for coming and going? Pretend you have a new roommate and establish ground rules from there.

Decide how to deal with finances

Amidst divorce, you must still pay bills and keep up with home maintenance. Discuss with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse whether the financial arrangement you had during your marriage still works, or if you should figure out something new. Think about your separate income streams when deciding how to divide bills.

Living under the same roof with your soon-to-be-ex does not have to be awkward. The right tips and insights help set you both up for success.