Abuse and visitation orders

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Whether you are a parent accused of abuse or you have concerns about your child’s well-being with respect to the other parent’s visitation rights, it is important to understand various topics related to visitation and child abuse. Make sure you focus on your child’s well-being while also understanding your legal rights.

Although some parents accused of abuse are unable to secure custody rights, many have the ability to spend time with their child as a result of a visitation order. However, abuse can impact visitation in various ways.

Does abuse affect custody?

According to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, when courts determine a child’s best interests they look into abuse and this can prevent a parent from securing custody rights. However, some parents found to have abused their children have the ability to secure visitation rights through a court order.

How does abuse affect visitation?

There are many ways in which abuse can have an impact on a visitation order. For example, the court may prohibit overnight visitation or arrange supervised visitation in which a third party is present. Sometimes, abusive parents have to pay the costs associated with supervised visitation.

Other potential restrictions include preventing a parent deemed abusive from consuming alcohol before or during their visitation and finishing a batterer’s treatment program in order to have the ability to see their child. Whether you are fighting for your visitation rights over false allegations of abuse or you worry about what will happen when your child spends time with your ex, make sure you review your options closely.