A look at temporary child support orders

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If you are preparing to end your marriage and you have kids, child support is a crucial issue, whether you need to make payments as a noncustodial parent or you expect to receive support from your former partner.

Divorces take time, but child support matters cannot always wait for the final divorce order.

Filing for a temporary child support order

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if your situation calls for child support right away, you may file a motion in court to receive child support sooner.

To successfully secure a temporary child support order, file the proper form, mail a hearing date notice and copy of the motion to your children’s other parent and submit a financial statement. The other parent must submit a financial statement as well.

Handling child support matters properly

Whether you need to receive child support because they are living primarily with you or you need to pay your children’s other parent, report all of your income accurately. Leaving off an income source could result in serious trouble with the court. Likewise, if you must make child support payments, be honest on the form and pay the amount in the order. Lying on a financial statement or failing to follow a court order could result in serious legal trouble.

Keep in mind that temporary child support orders may change when you go to court for the last time and the judge issues the final order. Moreover, some parents seek a  child support modification in the months or years after the divorce is final due to significant financial changes.