How do you modify child support costs in Massachusetts?

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When you are a Massachusetts parent who receives child support from the child’s other parent, a time may come when you need to modify the amount because of medical costs, the cost of certain educational programs or to meet a child’s special needs. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts notes that it uses guidelines set by the trial court to determine the amount you receive; however, if you do wish to ask for an increase, there are several steps to take within the court system.

Gather financial documents

If you believe the amount of child support you currently receive needs to change, it is important that you first gather the appropriate financial documents that help support your claim. Try to include all documents related to a change in your finances, including:

  • Unemployment benefit records
  • Social Security benefit stubs
  • Proof of change in your children’s health coverage costs

Remember that even if you supply these documents, the court may not change the amount of the child support payments you receive once it reviews all the information supplied.

Keep the request simple

If the Massachusetts Department of Revenue handles your child support case, you may ask its assistance in changing how much support you receive from the child’s other parent. If you contact the DOR by mail, your correspondence should only pertain to the financial aspect of your child support case and not include any other issues, such as visitation rights.

The DOR will likely send you a letter regarding your request, despite whether it can assist you or not. You can approach the court with your request, no matter what type of response you receive from the DOR.