Enforcement of child support payments

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For many single parents in Massachusetts, the contribution of child support payments makes a considerable difference in their finances. Inconsistent or nonexistent payments can have detrimental consequences.

Parents waiting on court-ordered payments can take action against their former spouses. Consequences for non-payment may provide more incentive for non-paying parents to take more responsibility.

Requesting payment

If people do not feel like they should not have to pay child support, they may see nothing wrong with evading this responsibility. However, given that child support is a court order, failing to comply is a direct violation of court law. According to Mass.gov, parents wanting to collect unpaid child support can file a complaint for contempt against their ex.

This process requires people to fill out form CJD 103 in its entirety. Depending on preference, people can complete this process via mail or in-person. A complaint hearing will address the situation and provide a place for the discussion of remedies to hopefully solve the problem.

Issuing consequences

Consequences for non-payment of child support can pretty severely affect a person’s freedom. Many parents fail to realize the gravity of their decision to ignore this responsibility. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement, some of these consequences may include the following:

  • Property liens
  • Passport confiscation
  • Interception of tax refunds
  • Income withholding
  • Suspension of driver’s license

Parents struggling to deal with the ignorance of someone who neglects to pay child support may need the help of an attorney. Timely action and reliable guidance can help parents work through the challenges they face.