Is your spouse hiding assets digitally?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Property Division

In the modern age of digital assets, a new problem has risen lately. While some people still attempt to hide assets in a divorce in more old-fashioned ways, many spouses are taking to trickier, digital means to reach the same ends.

What can you do if you suspect this is happening to you? First, you can keep your eye out for potential red flags that might back up your suspicions.

The role of digital currency

CNBC discusses the role cryptocurrency plays in divorces. Cryptocurrency escaped the attention of the mainstream for many years until recent pushes to popularize it on a wider scale. Because of that, many spouses who want to hide assets have turned to it as a means of storing money where you would not think to look.

Red flags of hidden assets

In order to tell if something suspicious might be happening with your spouse’s finances, you should pay attention to their spending habits. Do they seem to drop money they should not have on non-essential items? Have they shifted spending recently, either reducing it drastically or increasing it by a notable amount?

Also, how do they treat discussing assets with you personally? Some people will grow much more secretive and furtive when they feel they have something to hide. If your spouse suddenly starts clamming up about sharing their assets, it might point to them attempting to pull the wool over your eyes.

You can request an affidavit to search your spouse’s digital records if you suspect them of hiding assets via digital currency. In order to have the biggest chance of success at receiving this affidavit, consider contacting a legal team to help your case.