Why should you turn off the internet during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Divorce

Most people include much of their lives on the internet. If you are used to sharing your life on social media, you may want to refrain when it comes to your divorce. While it is tempting to tell your family, friends and other loved ones that you plan to divorce, there can be consequences to talking about it on the internet.

According to Psychology Today, being on social media can impact your mental health and divorce proceedings.

Social media may encourage your negative feelings

Most people post their happiest moments on social media. When you go through a divorce, you may feel trapped and overwhelmed by your ex’s negative feelings and loss. As you scroll through social media, you will see happy posts about people’s relationships, families and lives. When going through a rough experience, those moments can make you feel worse about your divorce and the hard time you experience.

Social media can harm your case

Your ex can use your posts against you if he or she still has access to your social media or if you have mutual friends on social media. For instance, if you post pictures from a vacation or an outing at local retailers, your ex could use the pictures to try to argue against you when it comes to alimony or child support.

Be careful about what you post online and to who you vent. While you should still talk to those you love and who offer support, try to do so in person or through private messages.