Can changes in child care coverage affect child support?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Modifications And Enforcement

In child support cases, state courts generally require a parent to provide health insurance coverage for a child who is a dependent. You or your co-parent may bear this responsibility. However, if events occur that impact the ability of yourself or your co-parent to maintain coverage, you might seek a change in your support order. describes some reasons why the state may alter a child support order. Some of the provisions address different changes in the health care coverage for a child.

The loss of existing coverage

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee a parent can maintain a health insurance policy. Sometimes the coverage ceases to be available, leaving the parent to search for a new form of coverage.

However, it is possible the parent still has the coverage but the cost to maintain it has gone up, exceeding the ability of the parent to pay. Alternatively, the parent may have sufficient funds to keep up the coverage but it will place undue hardship on the parent to do so, perhaps by depleting money for necessities such as food.

The availability of new coverage

While negative circumstances may cause a parent to ask for support changes, sometimes a positive development can necessitate support modification. During a previous support order, a form of coverage may not have been available. Thanks to a change in circumstances, it is now possible for the parent to attain the coverage. This may become part of a new support order.

Other significant changes

The state of Massachusetts allows for support modification in the event of other substantial and material changes experienced by a parent. These developments could alter the quality of life for your child in different ways, so it is important to seek out solutions as early as possible.