Experienced Legal Counsel For Interstate And International Child Custody Issues

Our team of highly skilled child custody lawyers has helped families navigate interstate and international custody disputes for many years. We understand the unique problems that accompany making a long-distance custody agreement work well for everyone involved, which is why we work relentlessly to ensure that your agreement is as fair and flawless as possible.

Working out of our Charlestown, Massachusetts, office, and meeting with clients in Middlesex County, we have helped families from across the United States develop productive long-distance custody and visitation arrangements. You do not have to be based in New England to benefit from our advice regarding Massachusetts law.

Global Child Removal Matters

Whether this is your first child custody issue or you are trying to negotiate a removal or relocation of a parent or child, our team of qualified and experienced attorneys is here to assist you. Regardless of which state or country is involved in your removal, we can provide you assistance with regard to Massachusetts law. Our experience with removal and relocation of children, whether it is to another state or another country, means you will receive clear and effective counsel about everything from financial support for your child to what to do if a parent refuses to abide by court orders.

We have helped interstate and intercontinental parents secure the rights to see their children and establish their habitual residence outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have established relationships with attorneys in other states and countries who can assist us in drafting an agreement that takes into account the stipulations of the Hague Convention and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, as well as the laws of other states and countries, in order to avoid potential litigation in the future.

Big-Firm Results Without The Big-Firm Cost

We understand that international and interstate custody disputes can quickly become costly. However, we are a law firm with experience handling complex custody agreements. You will not have to pay for our learning curve. We often help clients successfully litigate interstate and international custody arrangements for less than what another firm may charge for the same services.

Trust your case to a team of attorneys with concentrated experience managing these issues. Email us or call our office at 617-380-7643 to discuss how we can help you create an alternative solution that works for your family.