Prenuptial Agreements Help Alleviate Disputes

Although traditionally considered exclusive to high-asset marriages, antenuptial agreements have developed and grown into a useful and beneficial tool for many legal unions. A premarital agreement can help strengthen your relationship by providing reasonable terms that protect both parties and allow both of you to begin your marriage with peace of mind.

A prenup will help you discuss and decide how to divide property and debts and provide asset protection in the event of a divorce, death or separation. It can also be used to make reasonable provisions with regard to family inheritance, business interests, retirement accounts, children from outside the marriage and other matters often overlooked when planning for matrimony. Full financial disclosure is merely one benefit among many of a prenuptial agreement.

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Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreements

Massachusetts was the first jurisdiction in the United States to legally recognize same-sex marriages, and our law firm has been committed to helping LGBT couples with their legal family matters. We are interested in helping you secure rights previously available only to heterosexual couples. One way to establish these rights is through a prenuptial agreement.

Like prenuptial agreements for heterosexual couples, LGBT premarital agreements can be used to address complicated legal questions that are unique to your statutory situation. An antenuptial agreement can also secure your rights by addressing issues such as the legal status of the father, child custody and support, property and retirement.

Secure Your Rights

Every individual in a couple deserves to secure his or her rights and protect both his or her and the future spouse's interests. A prenuptial agreement does not have to be a large investment. As a small firm, we are able to provide you with distinctive personal service while being mindful of your pocketbook. Furthermore, we can meet you in our Charlestown offices, or travel to Cambridge or elsewhere in Middlesex County to meet you closer to where you work or live. Strengthen your bonds by contacting our firm to discuss with one of our lawyers how a prenuptial agreement could help you.