How do you alter your child support amount after changing jobs?

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As with any new lifestyle change, a switch in your career may cause you to reevaluate some facets of your life.

If you find that your child support payments do not match your salary, it may be time to look into altering the amount you owe.


If you are making less money than when you originally received a child support order due to a major life change, you should formally petition the court in order to change your payments. According to FindLaw, an alternative method is getting your ex-spouse to agree to the new amount.

Mediation is often useful in this circumstance, since it places high value on clear communication and discussion of needs. However, if he or she does not agree with you, then you should seek a judge’s decision.

Acting quickly

Do not waste time starting this process once you have changed jobs. Even if you receive a lower amount after petitioning, you still must repay your arrears, which is the money you owe from past months. A significant change in your life circumstances allows you to adjust the payments in order to prevent you from going bankrupt.

Staying aware

If you and your spouse do agree on a new amount, you must still formally agree in writing before it officially changes. The court must also approve your agreement. In the meantime, you should pay as much as you are financially able to each period. Your argument for a new child support amount may appear weak if you cannot show that you are consistent in paying your required amount.