Is this parental alienation?

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In the aftermath of a divorce, it is easy to lose track of things. Unfortunately, you may even lose track of how your child is emotionally and mentally coping with such a big life change.

In the absence of your attention, an ill-meaning co-parent could take their chance. They might try to alienate you from your child. But how?

Rejection of alienated parent

Psychiatric Times discusses the psychology behind parental alienation. This occurs when one parent forcefully drives a wedge between you and your child. They often utilize any method possible to do so. In some cases, this even includes tactics that border on abuse. In fact, many courts categorize parental alienation as a form of child psychological abuse because of it.

The biggest sign of parental alienation often occurs when the child begins to actively reject you as the alienated parent. They may refuse to spend time with you, even when at your home. When asked why they had this sudden change of heart, they will give nonsense answers or not answer at all. If pressed about involvement from the alienating parent, they will often vehemently deny it.

Early red flags

But you can pick up on signs before it gets to that state, too. For example, children will often begin to nitpick things about you before rejecting you entirely. They may suddenly take issue with the way you cook, clean or dress. They might fixate on small mistakes and complain about every time you mess up even a little.

Unfortunately, parental alienation can have negative repercussions on your child for a long time to come. If you notice such potential signs, contact a legal expert right away to see what you can do.