How can you co-parent over the summer?

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While there are many parenting styles for divorced parents, one of the most beneficial to children is co-parenting. If you have a co-parenting agreement with your former spouse, this means that the two of you share child-rearing responsibilities and must collaborate for the best interests of your children.

According to U.S. News, co-parenting over the summer presents new challenges for recently divorced parents.

How summer changes co-parenting

To co-parent effectively, you and your former spouse have to decide on housing, medical care bedtime, rules and all other aspects of parenting. During the school year, your child has to abide by the school’s schedule. When your child has a set schedule, it is easier to schedule your parenting plan around it.

However, in the summer, you may not know what your child has to do every day. You or your spouse may choose to take a vacation; your child may ask to attend summer camp. These changes could require a change in the regular parenting plan.

How to handle uncertain schedules

The best way to handle uncertainty is through communication. Talk with your co-parent about your child’s schedule and his or her best interests. If the two of you make any agreements, make sure to have them in writing. If a judge has to review your decisions, you should have evidence that the two of you had an agreement. In some cases, you may want to make adjustments to the parenting plan if the court never included stipulations about vacations and other schedules.

If you have difficulty communicating with your ex, you can also utilize text or virtual conversations.