What do you know about making co-parenting work?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Child Custody

While you would rather your children grow up in the same household, you must share custody of them with your former spouse. Even though you and the other parent continue to raise your children as a unit, you have much more to learn about post-divorce parenting.

Today’s Parent shares tips for making the most of co-parenting. Learn insights to help give your shared children chances to live happy, healthy post-divorce lives.

Focus on collaboration

While figuring out child custody for your divorce, try to collaborate as much as possible. When you leave matters to litigation, your children’s mental health could suffer as they watch their parents fight in court. You may also not like whatever decision a judge reaches for you and your family. By collaborating, you have a chance to create a mutually beneficial agreement.

Have a parenting plan

While collaborating with your former spouse, assemble the beginnings of a parenting plan. Think about how to want to handle custody, birthdays, school trips, household rules and pick-ups and drop-offs. If bad blood exists between you and the other parent, draft a detailed parenting plan.

Treat your ex like a co-worker

You may struggle to “downgrade” your relationship with your ex, but doing so could make co-parenting easier for you both. View the other parent as a co-worker, someone you treat with respect and professionalism. Think about how you would speak to a co-worker and model that behavior while communicating with your ex.

While you, the other parent and your kids may encounter hurdles as you navigate co-parenting, having the right tips helps you avoid major obstacles and complications.