Getting mental and emotional support during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Divorce

It does not matter how long your marriage lasted before you realized that divorce was the healthiest option for your family. You entered into a marital contract with the anticipation that you two would build a strong foundation together for the rest of your lives.

That is a lot of emotional investment to break apart. It may help you navigate your divorce process to prepare social and mental support to keep things balanced.

In your everyday life

It is ok to feel frustrated or exhausted during this time. If you expect to feel 100%, you may find yourself disappointed. Give yourself that room to have a hard time. As Mental Health America details, you are not alone even if you are separating. Family and friends are a good place to start, but you also have support groups and communities designed to help you feel less alone.

At your job

Even though you might feel down, your work may still expect plenty out of your labor. When discussing your divorce with work peers, they may have emotional support to offer. Being honest with your employer may allow them to ease the work pressure on your shoulders.

On the record

One thing to keep in mind is that oversharing with your family, friends or work peers may go on to hurt your case. Be honest with your feelings, express your emotional needs, but be careful about sharing intimate details or harsh opinions about your spouse.

There is no reason to go through the divorce process alone and leaning on every resource at your disposal may help keep your headspace level on those hard mental days.