Consider the effects of alcohol on your relationship and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Family Law

There are some couples who manage to balance a happy marriage alongside a good relationship with alcohol. Some couples, however, experience a distinct imbalance when one or both spouses abuse drinking.

If you find yourself overdrinking with serious blowouts or you are a sober spouse dealing with an alcoholic, it may be time to consider how alcohol abuse may affect a marriage.

Trends associated with alcohol

According to AspenRidge Recovery, the chances of divorce nearly triple when a marriage involves alcohol abuse. This may occur from several factors like an increased risk of behavioral changes including public outbursts, insomnia or even violent behavior.

It is hard to watch your partner struggle with alcoholism. On the flip side, it may be difficult to realize you have an issue with drinking.

Signs that drinking impacts your family

Self-awareness goes a long way to determining whether you or your spouse has a substance abuse problem. Watch to see if alcohol affects your sleep patterns, how much you spent on alcohol each week and whether or not your work suffers because of your drinking.

Consequences of alcohol in a divorce

Substance abuse, of alcohol or other drugs, makes it difficult to prove that you are fit for full-time or even dual custody of your children. In severe cases, alcoholics may act violently and the presence of alcohol may help convince the courts to issue a restraining order to prevent abuse of you, your spouse or your children.

If alcoholism becomes a tipping point in your relationship, there are resources to help navigate the sensitive situation of divorcing an alcoholic.